The Value of Recovering the Tip of Electrophysiology Catheters in Precious Metals Trading

Electrophysiology catheters, as a type of surgical consumable, are often discarded by many doctors after surgery, unaware that they contain precious metals like platinum and iridium. Returning to the main point, as a member of the precious metals industry, this issue focuses solely on the value of recovering the tips of electrophysiology catheters.

Platinum group metal
In the precious metals industry, these are typically referred to as platinum-iridium electrodes or platinum-palladium electrodes. These electrodes, depending on their application, are made from different materials. Do you know how to recover the platinum, palladium, and iridium from them?

The method for recovering these tips is quite straightforward. Because the melting points of platinum-iridium and platinum-palladium differ, after simple sterilization, we need to classify them according to model. After sorting, we use a high-temperature blowtorch to incinerate them, at which point the main body of the electrode turns to ash, and the rings fall off.

Platinum may be familiar to many, but iridium might not be as well-known. Both of these metals are part of the platinum group metals and their value can rival that of gold, which underlines the value of recovering the tips of electrophysiology catheters in precious metals trading.